Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary to me & my hubby :)

Today has been a wonderful day spent just the way it should be...with my hubby!  :)  We celebrated our 1 year anniversary today.  Hard to believe that last year today we were standing on Smather's Beach in Key West, FL saying our vows with our girls standing beside us.  It was an amazing day, a perfect wedding in my opinion.  :)

Any my hubby surprised me with a couple wonderful gifts.  He got me the most adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse sculpture in wedding attire. (We were on a Disney Cruise when we got married) And an absolutely beautiful pair of Fenton glass earrings with dragonflies painted on them.  Still wearing them...I just love them!

Here is my Mickey and Minnie :)
Then this evening we took the girls over to my folks and thanks to them we got take out from the Aquarium Lounge here in Fairmont.  We thought it would be night to have a quite dinner at home.  And it really, really was :)  (Sometimes as a parent you forget how nice it is to have dinner at home with out all the laughing, screaming, or saying eat your dinner over and over lol)

It was a great day.  And hopefully, we will  have many, many more to celebrate together.  :)


  1. Congratulations on anniversary #1. May you have a life time of many more very happy anniversaries. I like anniversaries, as we say in Pittsburgh it is a celebration of yinz. Good luck and my God bless you in the future.

  2. Thank you so much. I am really hoping that we have so many more together :)