Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to say Thank You in a more creative way

While I was in the shower tonight I got to thinking about all the custom pieces I've been making lately.  And one of the things I started thinking about was how great these pieces are for saying thank you to someone.  So here is a little list I put together of people that you might want to say thank you to in a more creative way than the norm:

  • babysitter...have a custom steampunk pendant made with your kids birthstones and some things she really likes (examples: stars, moons, music, etc)
  • teacher...a simple necklace with a few pretty stones to wear instead of candles or gift baskets
  • a friend who has recently helped you out...a pair of earrings that are not like ones you can get at a store
  • bridesmaids...after a wedding give them a steampunk pendant with the stone that symbolizes the month you were married
  • a friend who is down on their luck...a pendant with stones that are known for improving luck
  • a therapist who has really helped you...a necklace with stones that symbolize clarity or focus
  • a mother or mother-in law that has helped with a baby shower...a steampunk pendant with the little one's birthstones
  • a friend who helped you move...a bracelet with their favorite color stones
  • a hairdresser who did your hair for a special occasion...a pendant with bright stones
Here are some of the custom pieces that I have recently made just to give examples:
Labradorite pendant
Pendant made with the person's personal stones
Custom steampunk pendant symbolizing the family for mom
And the daughter's family steampunk pendant
Talisman pendant for good luck
Earrings were made custom to match the necklace
Earrings made custom to match the necklace
Bracelet for increasing luck in all areas of one person's life
A birthstone necklace for someone's loved one
A birthstone pendant made for the wife of a very thoughtful husband
A necklace to match a pair of earrings that were won in a silent auction of mine

And these are just a few...there are sooo many more I've made.  


  1. Some very lovely pieces. Cool frogs! Hope all is going well.

  2. Gorgeous stuff! What attracts a young person like you to follow old-timers like Sextant and me? Good luck with your creations.