Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 wishes

I am a firm believer in wishes.  Do they always come true?  Nope.  Should they always come true?  Nope.  Are we happy when they do?  You better believe it.

My daughter loves to wish on stars.  I love driving down the road and hearing from the backseat, "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight."  Her wishes range from being a princess to being a mermaid...oh to have those kinds of dreams.  I remember those days.  I loved dreaming about being a princess.  Fancy dresses and jewels, just waiting for my prince to come.  Glad to see she gets that from me.  :)

But nowadays my wishes are a bit more practical.  Oh don't get me wrong, I'd love to wish to be a princess, but reality just won't let me anymore.  The other day my daughter and I were making wish bracelets and she was smiling and telling me her three wishes (to be a princess of course was in there) and she looked up at me and said, "Momma, what are your wishes?"  For once I was really at a loss for words.  I felt bad that I didn't want to share them, mainly because they were for her. 

Gracie is 7, and a very sweet girl, but she has some very big problems.  For one, she doesn't really have many friends.  She has had behavioral problems, attitude problems, ADHD, and a major fear of everyone leaving her.  We've been trying to work on all of those things with a mix of her seeing a psychologist, medications, natural things, behavior modification, just to name a few.  So my 3 wishes are for her 1) to make friends, 2) get her behavior back on track, and 3)her to be happy again.

So what did I say to her?  I looked her in they eyes, put my hand on her cheek and whispered to her, "My wishes are for you, and if I told you what they were they might not come true.  So let me keep them here on these beads and when they come true I'll tell you."  To my surprise the child that normally chimes in "why" on just about anything you say sat there all quiet.  Then slowly a huge smile creeped up on her face and she said, "yes mommy, you keep it a secret okay?"  Bless  her lil' heart. 

So I made my wishes, tied on my bracelet, and now wait for it to fall off and hopefully come true.  :)  Now my question for you, and yes, I know I'm new so I might be the only one to read this (LOL), is what are your 3 three wishes????


  1. 1. That my wife and I die at the same.
    2. A long time from now.
    3. That we love each other more then than now.

  2. Perfect wishes :) I hope when my time comes that my husband is right there with me, holding my hand as we pass too. And like you, hopefully a long, long time from now. I'd love nothing more than to look at him and know we had a full life, rich with love. -B