Thursday, December 1, 2011

The "Ahha" moments

Sometimes when I sit down to my little jewelry making hubby's desk that I have overtaken...I have a perfectly good idea of what I want to make in mind.  Then there are those times when I have no clue whatsoever on what I could make out of something.  Most of the time it is the latter.
I sit down, lay everything out and play with pieces like they are my youngest daughters building blocks.  "This one goes here, that one goes there."  "No wait, that doesn't work!"  (I've left out the mumbled curse words that exit when something doesn't go just right.)  And then, if I'm lucky, there is this moment...what I call my "Ahha" moment.  All my blocks, if you will, fit. 
That is what happens every time I make something for my New Life Collection and my Adorned Collection.  Those never have an idea before hand.  And lets face it, I can't draw worth a darn, so I don't pre-plan my works by drawing.  I just do. 
Lately I've been having so much fun with these two lines.  Especially the Adorned Collection.  I like taking something that is pretty on it's own and giving it my own flair.  I've been dabbling in the steampunk area too which to me is one of the most fun of all.  It gives me complete creative control.  Plus, I enjoy taking things apart.  Finding things at thrift stores and junk sales are exciting to me.  I buy them up and then can't wait to pull them all apart and make something new.  For me, since lets face it I'm still learning, pendants are the easiest to make.  But there is still the element of not knowing what I'm going to make out of them.  Then there is the "Ahha" moment when I start visualizing all the elements going together. 
I play out a little story in my head...this gear goes there and this on top of it like they are trying to work together but just can't make it, and this diamond accents here because it is the dream they are trying to reach.  (I know, corny, but it is what my mind does while I'm designing.) 
When done, I have this piece that maybe I'm the only one that completely understands it, but you just can't take your eyes off it.  It is unique.  It is funny.  It went through my "Ahha" moment.
Here is just one example of that moment, "Guardian of Time".  It is a sold piece.


  1. Is the piece in the blog available for sale. I saw a similar piece on Etsy, but not this one. I am rather charmed with it, and will buy it if it is available.

    Have you ever noticed that the aha moments often come when you are not actively thinking about them? Our brains are rather marvelous devices, while you go about your normal life, a chunk of your brain is working on different problems, all done in a back room, out of sight, and free of charge.

  2. I wish it were. It has become quite a popular little piece. It is funny because when I first made it I honestly thought I was going to be the only one that liked it. I couldn't believe how many people contacted me on it on Facebook (which is where it actually was on Etsy but didn't sell there). I plan on making more that will be similar as I really loved taking apart the watches and playing around with them until I found what I thought fit. I'm actually really excited about some of them because this time I'm using antique watch parts.
    And I do agree with you completely...when I'm not thinking about things my brain just shoots out ideas. When I sit and think and think and think, I'm dumbfounded. I actually came up with two completely unique ideas for new lines of jewelry while driving my oldest daughter to meet up with her dad yesterday. And I can't wait to try them out and see if I can do what is in my mind. - B