Thursday, December 8, 2011

Little girls and jewelry...yes or no???

While making pieces tonight for my new Collection, Lush, I decided to make something with a little girl in mind (or a woman with a really little wrist if that is the case).  I did that because my oldest daughter, Gracie, who is 7, is getting more and more into jewelry. 

Most kids jewelry is pretty cheap, and any mom can tell you why that is....they break it or loose it easily.  And yes my daughter is guilty of that with both the cheap stuff and some of the good stuff.  But there is one piece of jewelry that she has really taken care of.  It is the "wedding" ring that my husband, her step dad, gave her the day we got married. 

Jed and I got married on a beach in Key West, Florida just this past February.  We were on a Disney Cruise that we took for this very reason.  We were able to take our girls, Gracie and Abby, and have both our wedding and honeymoon all together.  As a special surprise for Gracie, we had the ceremony include vows from Jed to her.  During those vows (him promising to raise her as his own and love and care for her for life) he presented her with a little white gold diamond ring.  The ring featured two hearts with a diamond in each and little diamonds on the sides.  She was so in awe and it made for such a special memory. 

She knows what a special thing that ring is.  She understands what it stands for and she wears it every day.  And I think when something has such a special meaning behind it, even young kids appreciate it and take better care of things. 

That is why I made the bracelet I made today, with that in mind.  My thoughts behind it were no matter what the meaning is to it a wedding, a special birthday, graduation from one grade to another, or just a symbol of love...even little girls deserve to have a special piece of jewelry.  And it doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to have meaning. 

So I'd love to hear you opinions on jewelry for your girls wear jewelry? What is something special they have? 

Here is what I made today, with my daughter in mind:

And here is a very special picture of Gracie showing off her ring on our wedding day :)


  1. The only girl I have that wears jewelry is in her late 50's so I don't have much of opinion on little girls and jewelry, other than give them lots of dress up jewelry for play and when it breaks or gets lost, so what. But then as you say have some special pieces (reasonably priced) that is important, but not so important that it is a disaster if it lost. Kids are kids and they lose things. A lost or broken piece of important jewelry may have much value in teaching a young girl that the important things in their lives have to cared for.

    I think your husband is a wonderful man for taking an interest in your daughter. Very lovely post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much. :) It was such a wonderful time and I was so happy he did that for her and with her. Memories that will last forever :)