Friday, December 2, 2011

To do, to do, to do

Oh so many things to do.  You know those wonderful little to do list?  Well I'm going to create a "this was better than to do" lists.  Or the, "I plan on doing it, maybe, one of these days, if I ever get the time to," lists.  I say this because I had a to do list for today.  On it was laundry, dishes, clean up the kids toys, clean the bathrooms, pack Gracie's things for her to take to her dad's.  Did I get it all done you ask?  Um, well, nope. 
I got Gracie packed.  That was it.  What kept me from my to do list?  A beautiful day!  December, sunny, high 50's low 60's out.  It was the perfect day for taking pictures of jewelry outside.  I got several pictures of new items, and some old ones that I needed better pictures of.  It was just too pretty to pass up. 
Shipping also knocked a to do off the list, but that is always a good thing because that means jewelry is on its way out.  And then there was making the packaging materials that I use for my jewelry.  (All handmade by me) And then the three hour drive to and from Maryland. 
So I should be finishing my to do list tonight right?  Well, again that "better than to do" comes in and I felt getting a few new things listed was a "better than".  And well of course stopping by here to say my little bit for the night.  :) 
But I get the point of my little rambling tonight is that yes, I had a to do list, and no, I didn't do my to do list, but I still got a lot done.  And take advantage of every beautiful and slightly warm December day that you have because they won't last. 
So I guess, since I didn't do my to do list, I'll give you a preview of what I did do today...enjoy (I know I did)


  1. Five years from today, you may remember those things that were not on you to do list. You won't remember the things that were. Take what beauty life offers...when it is offered. I guarantee you the to dos will still be available tomorrow. I make no guarantees regarding the beauty.

  2. So very true. My laundry is still there waiting to be done today just like it was yesterday because I spent the day with my dad shopping for jewelry findings and going through his old stuff and my mom's old stuff. So the laundry will still be there tomorrow, and since the hubby is home from work tomorrow and I have to go back to Maryland to get my daugther it will most likely be there Monday. But the time I spent with my dad, mom, and tomorrow my hubby and baby girl are much better than the laundry. :) -B