Monday, December 19, 2011

New things and the first show

I apologize for not being around for a little while here on my blog.  But it was for a good reason.  :)  I just did my first ever show.  It was a wonderful experience.  Not only did I learn a lot but I also sold quite a bit.  21 pieces of my jewelry are now being worn by new lovers of DirtyGirlDiamonds!

I am normally a last minute person, but this time i was really pushing it.  I got everything ready in less than 6 days.  That included creating new pieces, getting a display together, and putting together all the things I'd need.  But I did it.  A few super late nights...up till 5am...and early mornings...up at 7am.  But it was all so worth it.  For the first time I actually got to see the looks on people's faces as they looked at my pieces and hear what they thought as they looked.  That was the most wonderful part of all!

Now I just need to figure out how to find more shows to do...any help???  :)

And find the time to list the new things.  LOL  I did get three posted on Etsy tonight.  I'd love you to check them out and provide feedback.  :) 

All three are pairs of earrings...two with pearls and one with prehnite.  Pictures are posted of each one before the link:


  1. My wife doesn't wear earrings, so I have no basis of comment, other than as a man. May as well ask a dog. But here we go, I like the middle the best, the top second, and the bottom the least...but all three are very nice. I like the ovoid shape of the middle pieces.

    I like your creative use of backdrops in your photos. Very creative. It gives your pieces an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Judging from your creativity, if I were to guess, I would say you must be a Pisces.

  2. Oh yes, congratulations on your success at the show. It is good to get some face to face feedback on your work.

  3. Thank you so much. I also like the middle ones the best...but also torn between it and the first. The third might not be the most flashy or prettiest color but the meaning behind the stones are what gets me...they symbolize unconditional love. :)
    And how did you get the pisces thing right???? LOL
    Thank you so much for all the compliments!