Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This evening, well, this morning, is all about us making room around here.  Tossing out old stuff we haven't touched in ages, and rearranging the furniture so I have more working area for making my jewelry.  And so far so good.

My little "studio" is now our bedroom and the desk has been taken from the living room to our room for multiple reasons.  First off, no more cat jumping up on my drying jewelry and secondly no more walking into the living room seeing bits and pieces of my work just laying about.  I think I'm going to love it.

I'll have more room and more light too which is great.  But some stuff still won't be worked on in there...the resin cast jewelry.  A new thing I am working on.  Reason it won't be moved into the bedroom you ask? stinks!  LOL  Really though, it does.  The whole kitchen smells of chemicals.  But the plus side is I think the resins are going to turn out really nice and be a whole new medium for me to work with.  They are still curing so it will be a while before any photos. 

Today was a great day though for DirtyGirlDiamonds.  Records were broken all around on Etsy for me.  Record number of views in one day...231.  Record number of items sold in one day...4.  And fastest item to be listed and sold...1 hour.  It felt great.  For me it isn't so much about the amount of money being made, although having the extra is nice I admit, it is about having other people like my work and appreciate the creativity. 

So  all in all it was a great day.  Snow and all.  And I'm looking forward to tomorrow.    (Here is one of the four that sold today...another was the picture posted on yesterdays post)


  1. Glad to hear that things are picking up on Etsy for you. The move sounds like a good idea. I'll be looking forward to seen the resin pieces. Good luck with sales.

  2. Oh some of those record views was me keeping a close eye out for the steampunk watch pendant before some one else could scoff it up. I was afraid it wouldn't have a long shelf life!

  3. LOL Well glad you got it when you did :) Getting ready to list some new ones now! It was another good day today...4 more items sold :) The resin ones will take a few more days of curing unfortunately but so far they really look good. :)