Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh these kids of mine!

First let me start by saying that I find no greater joy in life than that of being a mother.  I love my girls with all of my heart and all of my soul.  I wouldn't change the decisions that I've made about bringing them into the world for anything.
With all that being said...there are those times though that I could just squeeze them!  If you are a parent, you know what I mean.  They just seem to know exactly how to drive you bonkers.  At exactly what time is the exact time that you need quiet and they scream their little heads off.  You spend hours cleaning only to have it all done in within 5 minutes of play.  Walking tornadoes.  Hurricanes with mouths. 
With each of my girls I have something different to deal with on a daily basis.  With my oldest, Gracie, I have the attitude of a teenager packed into a 7 year old.  Her red hair is most certainly a sign of her fiery temper.  And add to all of that her ADHD and utter disregard for quite, well you get a big ball of nerves out of me.  With my youngest, Abby, it is want to explore and taste everything.  I never thought I'd say "what is up your nose now" or "don't put stink bugs in your mouth" ever.  She can destroy a magazine in 2.3 seconds (no, it hasn't actually been timed but I bet it would fall right around that).  Bathroom breaks for me have no peace with her around, she has to be right there, trying to get a glimpse of whatever I am doing and then informing everyone in the house, which thank god is just the dogs and cat, what I just did.  And with the frequency with which she spouts out the word "no", you would think that were my name.
But with as much grief as they cause, they are also my greatest joy.  Listening to Gracie sing around the house warms my heart.  She gets her love of music and singing from me.  She is my little drama queen too (also a trait from me I admit) and watching her over dramatics about little things sometimes just tickles me.  She has a smile that goes from ear to ear and is completely contagious.  And when she is being sweet, the amount of hugs and kisses you get from her are just amazing.  Hearing Abby say "oh mama" makes me melt.  Her big blue eyes and ability to giggle a sound that is my most favorite sound in the world just take my breath away.  She is a cuddle bug and how she reaches out to me before going to sleep and touches me on the arm or face is something that I couldn't live without.  She also is learning to sing (her favorite right now is head, shoulders, knees and toes...but comes out as head, eyes, toes, eyes, toes, eyes, toes) and her love of dancing to the free credit report commercials always makes my day. 
But I admit, there are times that I need my breaks.  I think every parent does, stay at home or working.  For me, my outlet and breaks are my jewelry.  It is what helps keep me sane and get me through those crazy times with them.  It gives me an outlet for my stress.  But it also gives me something to talk about and do with Gracie.  She gets to be my model a lot of the time and she gives her input into things.  It lets me be Brandy again for a little while, not just momma.  :) 
And the most recent stress reliever of mine is pictured below.  Took quite a while to make...had to stop several times to be momma...but got it done. :)


  1. Ah the delights of children...been there, done that, and if you think it is bad now wait till they are teenagers with attitude. Your loving child turns into some unrecognizable life form with ear budds growing out of its head. There are many things that I will miss in my impending old age, but raising children is not one them! Some how they turn human again.

    The piece in photo above...I have been looking for it on Etsy, am I looking in vain?

    Congratulations, you have another follower, not bad for being up for few days!

  2. Ignore the question above, I just bought the piece. Very nice.

  3. LOL Funny thing is I don't get a chance to check the blog until super late in the evening (or early in the morning depending on how you see it). Glad you liked it so much :)
    Oh, and I am already dreading the teenage years....GULP!