Monday, January 30, 2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend ;)

Nothing excites me more than opening my mail box and finding diamonds in it!  LOL  Today I got a great shipment in the marquise diamonds and round red diamonds.  So beautiful!  And of course I had to make things right away. 

One of my favorite ways to showcase diamonds is by mixing rough and cut diamonds.  The pendants I made today are similar to ones I have made before but still very different and very unique.  Recently I sold a stunning blue round cut and white rough diamond pendant on Etsy.  It was very, very popular so I wanted to make something that caught eyes the way that one did.  So I made these lovelies.

This one is a blue marquise cut diamond with lots of larger yellow diamonds surrounding packed that they don't move.  This pendant is side shows the blue and yellow, the other shows only the yellow. 
Then after it was made I thought about how pretty the yellows would look with a little round cut red diamond.  And boy was I right, what a pairing.  I just wish the red showed just how bright it is in the pictures.
After that I thought about how I also like the diamonds to be free moving so I paired up a blue marquise, red round, and clear (white) round cut diamond and get a stunning, unique, patriotic pendant that will get everyones attention.
And finally I found in my drawer of goodies a .41 carat deep orange oval cut diamond that I didn't know at the time what I wanted to do with so I got creative with it too.  I mixed it in with larger yellow rough diamonds and little white rough diamonds and came up with this stunner.
They can't be found on Etsy just yet, but if you see one you like I can give you a price.  :)  And with Valentine's Day coming up...keep in mind are a girls best friend ;)


  1. Nice looking pieces as always. I am impressed with the colors.

  2. Thank you so much! I really loved how they turned out. Colored diamonds are one of my all time favorites!