Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

All the decorations are down, put up till next Christmas.  It always seems so bleak the day after taking down the tree.  Some decorations went out as we didn't use them this year, making their way out as donations. 

Keeping with my back to me theme I set up a massage yesterday for a couple weeks from now and I'm really looking forward to it.  Pretty excited about the fact that this Friday I'll be getting my first facial in probably 5-6 years (thank you dad for that awesome Christmas gift!).  And I set up for 2/1 my first ever microdermabrasion (thank you hubby for the amazing Christmas gift...this and the massage).  And I bought a new scale yesterday...that I have yet to venture upon...gulp! 

I'm getting ready to weed out my clothes yet again and get rid of some of the old stuff.  And go through kitchen stuff and my desk and do the same.  I always feel in that mood in the first of the year.  Out with the old.  :)

Same goes for my shop on Etsy.  I'm trying to clear out some of my older stuff so I can make some room for new.  I have some big sales going on, including 4 items I just put on 50% off sale last night:

And I just sent out my first news letter yesterday for DirtyGirlDiamonds.  It is a once a month email news letter that I'm putting together.  I think it turned out pretty well.  And of course, if anyone reading this would like to get on the list just shoot me an email at
I have special promotions, event updates, whats new in the world of DirtyGirlDiamonds, and more in it.

I was pretty slack and missed my Monday and Tuesday blog (gonna have to set a reminder lol) so I missed posting my Shout out Saturday from Facebook.  Something I am doing every Saturday to showcase businesses that I like be it from Etsy or elsewhere.  Here was this past Saturday's shout out:
Hoku Gallery
If you love beautiful handmade jewelry (which face it, you do or you wouldn’t be here lol), you really need to check out what is being made by Diane Gerbert-Ballum. Diane has a shop on Etsy,, where she has some of the most beautiful creations. My personal favorite is Teal Rainbows (check it out, AMAZING). From NH, she lived in HI for 18 years but moved back to home 3 years ago to be closer to family. She is married with a step son and has 3 grandsons. She started making jewelry back in 1990 and has just started teaching herself chainmaille…check it out, it absolutely amazes me! She buys only the best components she can for making her jewelry, and takes pride in doing the best work she can. Don’t forget to find her page here on FB and like it (let her know you saw her Shout Out on here):

I'm also getting ready for the silent auction that I am doing on Facebook next Tuesday.  (I'll talk about it more tomorrow)  So I better get off here and get to work on those items as I still have 2 to finish.  :) 

And I just finished up a custom piece.  I LOVE the way it turned out!!


  1. I have found a good way to avoid that taking the tree down post holiday blaws. Leave it up! We leave our tree up until some time around Easter. I find it helps with winter time depression. I don't think it can be a therapy for SAD, because the light is not powerful enough, but it definitely helps with the winter time blues.

    Enjoy all your massage et al.

  2. If we had more space that might be an option...but between 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat...the tree is just too big for that :)

    And I will...can't wait!