Friday, January 6, 2012

Holidaze and the recovery

Christmas and New Years seemed to fly by.  Partially because of things that never should have been, but also because of great times with family.  I was able to make a few things of those days, but even more since.  That was all thanks to lots of deliveries made to me during that time.  But for the most part...all of that time is now a daze.

I have several new things I am working on...a silent auction that will be on facebook sometime before the end of January to help my favorite pet rescue group, Shout Out Saturday where I will be doing special shout outs to businesses on FB that I personally like, Facebook Fan 50% off Friday sales, and special sales each month on hand picked items on finding shows so I can get out there more. 

And then there are my New Years resolutions.  I decided to do things a bit different this year with my resolutions.  I made just one get back to the me I was and want to be again.  For me that is so much more than the normal loose weight, get fit, get organized, etc...that is to get back to the me that I liked best.  The me that was more outgoing, stood my ground and put up a fight if necessary, didn't take sh*t from anyone unless I deserved it me.  I will not allow myself to fall into a passive quiet shadow that I was falling into...I'm going to be the stand up for myself woman that I had been.  And anyone that doesn't appreciate me being me can, well, get over it.

So I'm working on that...and it is a slow process.  When you tell yourself so long that you aren't that person anymore because you don't see that person in the mirror any longer, it takes a while to get back there.  Work in progress, work in progress, work in mantra LOL

But I will do it.  Just as I've rediscovered my love for making jewelry, I am going to rediscover myself.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday time and that you are finding the New Year bringing you all that you long for.

A new piece just added today...well actually...6 :)


  1. Excellent resolution! And one that I think will make 2012 a wonderful year for you! Good luck with all that you do!

  2. I am hoping that it will be as good as my plans for it are :) And if not...I'm not going to give up! I'm going to make it good!!! :)