Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time for me!

Thankfully the past couple days I've gotten to bed early enough to stay up when I get Gracie off to school.  That has given me more time than normal to work on my jewelry.  What I can get done in one uninterrupted hour in the morning is amazing.  Just this morning I made four new steampunk pieces.  And I got them and the four I made yesterday and the custom piece sealed. 

Over the holiday I decided that one of the things I need most now is more time for me.  I will always be a mom to my girls and a wife to my husband, but I also need to be me. I need to make me as happy as I try to make them.  It kinda reminds me of a quote, "If momma's not happy, no one is happy."  So I'm doing more and more for me all the time.

So these mornings have been a blessing.  Fire up the Keurig, sit down with my box of pieces and let the inspiration flow. 

Here are some pictures of the pieces I just finished.  They aren't done drying and aren't listed yet...but I think they turned out well :)


  1. Damn you! Quit making those watch pieces. I want to buy them all.

    Very cool! I really like, I really like... damn it. I like them all. Do me a favor. List them with Etsy, not FB. I want to buy jewelry not hand over my life to Mark Zuckerberg.

    I definitely like the one with the black face, and the one the key, and the one with dog and cat and the one... Damn you! Make something else!

    Kudos to you! Making more time for yourself is very important! I think it shows in your creativity. A happy woman is a happy house! Lovely creations!

  2. They'll make it to Etsy when dried...well except for the animal related ones, they'll be going to the silent auction. But on Monday I'll be posting on here all the info on the silent auction (and nothing goes to FB lol) just to a local pet rescue.

    And thank you so much. They are as much fun to make as they are to look at :)